Membership to the Australian Association of Podiatric Surgeons

Membership to the Australian Association of Podiatric Surgeons is divided into the following categories:



Fellows are persons: 

(a)  who are Australian registered podiatric surgeons; and

(b)  who possess a higher surgical qualification in podiatric surgery which is accepted and recognised by the Board as demonstrating an advanced level of skill and expertise in podiatric surgery; and

(c)  who comply with continuing education requirements as specified by the Board; and

(d)  who have satisfied the Board’s criteria from time to time of their proficiency and training in the principles and practices of podiatric surgery; and

(e)  upon whom Fellowship of the Association has been conferred in accordance with this Constitution and who therefore has the right, so long as he or she remains a Fellow, to use the post-nominal “FAAPS”.

Fellows hold full voting rights for the Association.

Several other categories of Fellowship with the AAPS exist including:

(b) Honorary Fellow;

(c) Life Fellow;

(d) Corresponding Fellow;

(e) Senior Fellow.

Applications for Fellowship are considered on an individual basis by the Council.​


Affiliate membership is available to the AAPS in the following categories:

(b) Affiliate;

(c) Associate;

(d) Senior Affiliate;

(e) International Affiliate.

By application and acceptance into the Doctor of Podiatric Surgery training program administered by the University of Western Australia, a trainee automatically becomes an affiliate member of AAPS. They do not hold voting rights.

All members of the Association are bound by a constitution​ and agree to abide by the code of conduct. For more information please contact AAPS.

Benefits of Membership to the Australian Association of Podiatric Surgeons


Continued Professional Development

Members can access continued professional development and education events hosted by the AAPS.

This includes regular seminars and workshops podiatric surgery which are run in order meet requirements of set out by the Podiatry Board of Australia.



It is the philosophy of the AAPS that all Fellows must be willing to provide mentorship to podiatric surgery registrars throughout their training,

and provide opportunities for ongoing surgery observation and assisting following

obtainment of specialist qualification.


Future of Podiatric Surgery

AAPS Fellows can help develop the specialty of podiatric surgery in Australia in various ways


  • becoming external training supervisors for podiatric surgery registrars;

  • participation in compulsary independent clinical audit, to ensure member accountability

        and uphold public safety;

  • increasing public awareness about the benefits of podatric surgery;

  • providing advocacy on behalf of the AAPS to professional colleagues and key

        stakeholders of podiatric surgery in Australia.


Support During Litigation

AAPS members can access a network of volunteer podiatric surgeons for profesional and moral support during litigaton.



Members of the AAPS are encouraged to seek our opportunities for participating in clinical research and contribute to the podiatric surgery knowledge base. Senior Fellows with a PhD are able to provide guidance and project supervision to junior Fellows who wish to pursue further higher-level study.